Tibet Film Festival 2010



The second Tibetan Film Festival will take place in Zurich on 29. and 30 October 2010. We intend to follow up on the first Tibetan Film Festival that was a huge success last year.

The festival focuses on short films of Tibetans. We would like to ask you to contribute a five minute short film to the second Tibet Film Festival. Your film should be about “identity”. We are excited to receive a whole variety of films from professional, semi-professional and new film enthusiasts. However, we also will show a selection of new documentaries and other film productions by Tibetans.There is the opportunity to send suggestions for movies to Filming For Tibet.

Filming For Tibet established the Tibetan Film Festival in cooperation with Tibetan Youth Association in Europe (TYAE). The event is dedicated to the Tibetan filmmaker Dhondup Wangchen. He has been sentenced to six years in prison on December 28th, 2009.

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